Building Permit Information

Moffat County has adopted the 2018 International Codes.

For information regarding building permits please contact:

Marlin Eckhoff, Building Official

Craig/Moffat Regional Building Department


Email: meckhoff@ci.craig.co.us

Office Hours 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Permit Information

Building permits are required for all structures larger than 200 square feet, fences higher than 6 feet, and retaining walls greater than 4 feet.

Permits are also required for septic systems. These permits are issued through the building department and cost $100. Septic Systems in Moffat County are required to be engineered.

Driveway permits are required and may be obtained from the Moffat County Road and Bridge Department located at 822 E. 1st Street.,

Permits are NOT required for buildings that are intended to be used exclusively for agricultural purposes as defined under Section 510 of the Moffat County Zoning Resolution: "Buildings or structures used for the sole purpose of providing shelter for agricultural implements, farm and ranch products, livestock, or poultry shall be exempt from obtaining a Building Permit. However, buildings which are used for the storage of passenger vehicles, recreational vehicles and equipment, construction tools and equipment not directly related to agriculture, and workshops are not considered agricultural buildings for the purpose of this exemption."

Required Information to Obtain a Permit

  • Two sets of building plans with details of proposed structure including: floor plan, foundation, framing and roof system. See example.
  • A plot plan showing existing buildings, well, septic, proposed construction and distances in feet from all property lines (to ensure setbacks and separations between well and septic).,A minimum of 100 feet separation between well and septic or leech field must be maintained.
  • Completed application form, dated and signed.

Required Inspections

To see a list of the required inspections, click here.

Addressing Note

The Building Code and Zoning Regulations require addresses to be posted so that the numbers are visible from the street or road.If the home is located more than 50' from the shoulder of the road, a sign or post must be used. It must be between 5 feet and 7 feet high and be located 25 feet or less from the shoulder of the road. The letters must be contrasting and 4 inches in height or 3 inches minimum if reflective.

What is Required to Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is required before moving into a home or business. The following is a list of the basic requirements for obtaining a CO.

  • Complete and approved electrical system.
  • One functional bathroom and kitchen sink with hot and cold running water.
  • An approved sewage disposal system.
  • A functional heating system.
  • No hazardous condition can exist in the occupied space, i.e. raised floor areas with no guardrail or handrail, etc.
  • Address posted in a conspicuous location.