Information Technology Department

Mason Siedschlaw
Information Technology Director
1198 W. Victory Way, Ste. 112
Craig, CO 81625
Phone: (970) 826-3403
Bryan Adams
Information Technology Technician
Craig, CO 81625
Phone: (970) 824-9156

Information Services provides the implementation and maintenance to network services that Moffat County uses in its organization. Specific tasks may include the coordination of requests for services or other information to identify requirements for information, coordinate with departments, contractors, or vendors as needed to provide required services or support. maintain and inventory of information services and equipment, supplies and materials, reviews technical publications and other information to identify new technology and improvements in hardware or software, makes recommendations concerning new purchases, changes in contracts or other actions, prepares and coordinates purchase orders, contracts and other documents as required, aid in training or assisting users with various systems applications, responding to various problems and coordinating with staff to effect solutions or enhance systems performance.