Debbie Winder
Chief Deputy/Recorder
Phone: (970) 824-9119
Fax: (970) 826-3413
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Moffat County real estate records are available for search online. Link to https://icounty.org. Records are available from 1990 to current. Document information is uploaded daily as paper or electronic filings are processed at the county. Follow the user Instructions for payment methods.

Department Function

In Colorado, all documents affecting real property are recorded in the County Clerk and Recorder's Office in the county in which the real property is located. All of the documents recorded in the County Clerk's Office are indexed as Grantor/Grantee, and are a matter of public record and open to the public.

Note: The Recording Department does not maintain birth/death records. For information regarding a birth/death certificate contact the following:

Northwest Colorado Health
745 Russell Street
Craig, Colorado 81625
(970) 824-8233

Release of Military Records

Records Administration (NARA) has outlined certain requirements for the dissemination of military records, such as the DD Form 214, which this office has elected to adopt. Attached is a DD 214 Copy Request form from this office. This written request form must accompany all requests for DD form 214. Copies will be available only to the veteran listed, or his or her next of kin. Lawyers, doctors, historians, authorized representatives of the Veteran's Administration, etc, may request copies of a DD Form 214 with signed authorization from the veteran or next of kin.


Moffat County Recording Fee Schedule

Basic Recording Fees
Deed/deed of trust/mortgage$13.00/1st page, $5.00/additional page
Amendment/modification$13.00/1st page, $5.00/additional page
Assignment$13.00/1st page, $5.00/additional page
Release (see Note 1)$13.00/1st page, $5.00/additional page
Mining documents$8.00/1st page, $5.00/additional page + claim fee and/or document fee if applicable. Documents are : location certificates, certificate of labor, and proof of labor, etc., deeds that list claims on deed will be charged $0.25 per claim.
Maps (w/reception number)$13.00/page
Survey plats (w/file number)$20.00/page

NOTE 1:,To release a deed of trust, send request to public trustee. Recording fee totals $6.00 for the first page, $5.00 for additional pages, including the $21.00 for preparation of deed of release. Make check for total fee payable to Public Trustee.

Additional Recording Fees (add all fees that apply)
Additional pages and attachments$5.00/page
Pages larger than 8 1/2 x 11 by 14$5.00/page
Multiple assignments or releases$5.00/page
Public trustee fee (see Note 1)$26.00/per trust

Transfer/Financing Fees/Taxes:

Documentary tax - $0.0001 per $1000 of consideration (i.e. warranty deed, quit clad deed, grant deed, personal representative deed, etc. and any where transfer of money is involved) (i.e. for transfer on $50,000.00, document fee = $5.00) - CRS 39-13-102,

Copies and Certification
This office does not perform any searches of real estate records.
Fees for copies made by office$0.25/page
Certification fee (additional to copy fee)$1.00/doc
Copy of Plat Map$7.00/each
Certified Copy of Marriage License$3.00 /each

Document/Recording Notes:

  • Originals of real estate documents are always returned after recording (except Torrens, if applicable in state).
  • Average time to return documents after recording:1 weeks.
  • The types of records we provide are books, microfiche and scanned images. Moffat County does not index by legal description but by grantor/grantee.

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