My Account

My Library Account

With your own online library account, you can reserve materials online, create a "favorites list," check your due dates and fines, renew items, and more.

To Log In to Your Account:

  • Click "My Library Account," above,
  • Click "Moffat County Libraries" in the center of the screen directly under "Other Collections"
  • Click "Login" in the upper-right corner (do not use the DISTRICT USERS log in button seen on previous page)
  • Enter your User Name and Password

To Create an Account (first-time users):

  • Click "My Library Account," above,
  • Click "Moffat County Libraries" in the center of the screen directly under "Other Collections"
  • Click the "Create New Account" button in the upper-right corner.
  • Follow the prompts by entering your "last name", the "barcode" from your library card, and finally a "user name" and "password" of your choice.
  • Note: we are not utilizing emails at this time.  Please skip this box.
  • You are responsible for all fines and materials checked out on your card.

About Book Renewals:  Most items can be renewed through your online account but a few can not.  For example, new items, DVDs and items that have already been renewed once need to be renewed with a staff member and not online.  If you receive a message that you are unable to renew that item, please contact a staff member.

About online reserves: Click carefully - our system doesn't allow you to delete a reserve once you've placed it, and you're only allowed three reserves at a time.  Please allow 1 business day to process your reserve and pick it up within 7 days.  We will call you when your reserve is ready for pick-up.  Also, our catalog includes materials located in Maybell and Dinosaur.  For Maybell materials, please allow two weeks for it to arrive from our Maybell branch.  We are unable to borrow from our Dinosaur branch at this time but we may be able to help you borrow the item in another way.  Please speak with a Librarian for assistance.