Subdivision Regulations

Subdivision and Minor Subdivision Regulations of Moffat County

Under Senate Bill 35, county planning commissions were mandated to develop and recommend subdivision regulations to the Board of County Commissioners, who were required to adopt and enforce the subdivision subdivision regulations. These regulations involve all unincorporated land within each county's boundaries. This law was to be in place no later than September 1, 1972. Moffat County's subdivision regulations reflect the statutory provisions mandated by CRS 30-58-133. CRS 30-28-101 10(b) and such subdivision does not involve land divided into parcels of 35 acres or more.

Example: A 350-acre tract of land may be subdivided into ten 35-acre parcels, and the County's subdivision regulations would not effect the development. ,On the other hand, if the acreage is subdivided into smaller tracts, let's say seventy (5-acre parcels), the subdivision process would apply, and the owner/developer would follow procedures outlined in the County's subdivision regulations for the development. Planning department staff reviews applicants' proposals for major and minor subdivision, and provides assistance with the subdivision process. Minor Subdivision Regulations are for small subdivisions containing no more than four (4) parcels or lots. Minor Subdivision Regulations basically follow the same criteria as Subdivision Regulation with the exception the landowner/developer may combine the Sketch and Preliminary Plan.

Exemption from Subdivision Regulations: A landowner may apply for an Application for Exemption from Subdivision Regulations (if it qualifies) for splitting land into a parcel smaller than thirty-five acres, (Minimum of 5 acres is required for a home site in an Agriculture Zone). A good example would be a natural division, such a county road splitting the property, settling an estate, a divorce settlement, or some other situation that constitutes a hardship. Other conditions for eligibility may apply.

Download the complete Subdivision Regulation Documents here:

Subdivision Regulations
Minor Subdivision Regulations


Time Frame for Placement on the Planning Commission Agenda

Planning Department Policy and Procedures request all applications requiring legal notification and a public hearing be completed and filed with the planning clerk no later than 15 days prior to being heard by the Planning Commission. Other agenda items must be filed 10 days prior to the meeting date. The Planning Commission meets the first Tuesday of each month, 6:30 p.m., in the Board of County Commissioner Chambers, at the Moffat County Courthouse, 1198 W Victory Way, Craig, Colorado. Following review by the Planning Commission, applications will be heard for final approval by the Board of County Commissioners at the next regularly scheduled Commissioner meeting (alternating Tuesdays), 9:00 a.m. at the Moffat County Courthouse Commissioner's Meeting Room, 1198 W Victory Way, Craig, CO 81625.

Please contact the Moffat County Planning Department for complete information on all zoning, and land division/ subdivision issues.