County Services


The principal function of the Assessor's office is to establish fair and equalized property values on all parcels of land. The major duties are discovering, listing and valuing all real and personal property located within the County on the assessment date.


The County Attorney's office provides legal counsel to the Board of County Commissioners, elected officials and County departments and boards. The office represents Moffat County in connection with litigation, administrative proceedings, settlement discussions and similar proceedings, except as to insured claims, negotiates, prepares and enforces leases and other contracts to which Moffat County is a party.
The County Attorney conducts legal research, reviews new statutes, case law and regulations having possible application to Moffat County and provides advice to the County Commissioners regarding compliance and implications of laws and regulations.
The County Attorney also provides legal counsel to the Department of Human Services, including child welfare and child support enforcement services. This includes representing Human Services in Court in dependency and neglect, delinquency, paternity and child support proceedings.

Building Inspector (300 West 4th Street)

Provides information to the public regarding regulations within the County regarding current building codes. This department inspects structures for safety and code compliance.

Clerk and Recorder

Responsible for motor vehicle titling, registration and issuing license plates, issuing liquor licenses to qualified applicants located in the County outside the city limits of Craig and Dinosaur, recording and maintaining real estate records, filing and maintaining a file of Mined Land Reclamation records, maintaining voter registration records and conducting Primary and General Elections, issuing and maintaining records of marriage licenses, recording and safekeeping of the minutes for the Board of Moffat County Commissioners and maintaining file of all brands for Colorado livestock.


The Board of County Commissioners consists of three elected officials, each representing a geographical district, all of whom are elected at large. As the governing body of the County, the County Commissioners perform legislative, budgetary and policy-making functions and advocates for citizens at all levels of government. The Board of County Commissioners establishes the vision and sets the direction for County Government to plan for the future challenges that will face the community.


The primary purpose of the Coroner is to investigate and determine the cause of death in unattended deaths.

Craig Municipal Airport (3005 Hwy 394)

The Craig Municipal Airport is a small general aviation airport. The Airport offers tie-downs for small aircraft and leases land to individuals for building hangers.

The Office of Development Services encompasses the Building Department, the Planning Department, and works on capital projects and procurement of capital assets.

Office of Emergency Management (800 West 1st Street)

The Office of Emergency Management provides planning assistance to all county departments as well as all emergency response agencies within the County to ensure the County's Emergency Operation Plan, upon completion, will be representative of all agencies and departments capabilities. The Office of Emergency Management is also available to address any groups or individuals on home and disaster preparedness.

CSU Extension Office

The Extension Office is an off-campus educational arm of Colorado State University Extension is a partnership between CSU, Moffat County and the USDA. This office is the informational, non-credit educational system that links education and research with the needs of Moffat County citizens. The office provides unbiased, researched-based information and encourages the application of this information in response to local, state and national issues affecting individuals, youth, families, agricultural enterprises and communities of Moffat County.

Fairgrounds (750 East 4th Street)

A wide range of facilities is available for rental at the Moffat County Fairgrounds. Indoor and outdoor (with grandstands) arenas provide space for livestock work and recreation such as rodeos, roping, barrel racing, horse and livestock shows, horse racing, auctions, concerts and the county fair.  Also available is a recently remodeled pavilion with kitchen facilities used for family gatherings, weddings, parties, dances, theater performances, concessions, etc.  There is also a large open space building under the grandstands and a picnic shelter at this site.


The Finance Department is responsible for the accounting functions of the County such as the annual budget, mill levy certification, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, general ledger, cash reconciliation, cash flows, sales tax distribution, fixed assets, long-term debt, coordinating the annual audit and financial monitoring of County activities.

Housing Authority (633 Ledford Street)

Senior Housing‚ aka (Sunset Meadows), provides a safe, clean, well-maintained, comfortable, and pleasant environment in which Senior Citizens may live while providing quick and conscientious response to tenant needs.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department develops and administers compensation and benefit programs, personnel policies and personnel-related programs, risk management and loss prevention. Other functions include scheduling, providing or assisting in training, ensuring the County is in compliance with employment laws, ensuring policies and procedures are being followed and assisting employees and department heads with resolving conflict.

Human Services 

The Moffat County Department of Human Services is 1 of 64 Departments of Human Services within the State of Colorado. The DHS provides services to clients and assistance to recipients through the following identified office units:

Assistance Payments Unit:

  • Aid to Blind
  • Aid to needy and/or Disabled
  • Baby Care/Kid Care
  • Food Assistance Program
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Long Term Care
  • Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)
  • Medicaid-Adult, Child &, Family
  • Old Age Pension
  • USDA Commodities

Child Support Unit:

  • Locate Non-Custodial Parents
  • Establish Paternity, Support, Medical Coverage
  • Enforce Collection

Child Welfare Unit

Core Services:

  • Abuse/Neglect Investigations
  • Adoptions
  • Adult Protection
  • Child Protection
  • Day Treatment Alternatives
  • Delinquent Youth Services
  • Foster Home Certification
  • Home Based Services
  • Intensive Family Treatment
  • Life Skills
  • Mental Health/ADAD
  • Relinquishment Counseling
  • Sexual Abuse Treatment
  • Specific Economic Assistance
  • Youth in Conflict

Information Technology

The IT Department provides computer access while protecting the security and integrity of our networks, applications and data. They prudently pursue new technologies and new horizons, and always remain responsive to the evolving need of the County.

Landfill (1806 CR 107)

The Moffat County Municipal Solid Waste Landfill provides landfill services to approximately 13,000 residents. The City of Craig provides the primary garbage collection within the City and Old West Management provides garbage collection in the rural areas of the county.

Library (570 Green Street)

The Moffat County Libraries provide an environment where lifelong habits of learning, self-improvement and self-expression are encouraged and where patrons can meet their educational, informational and recreational needs. These resources are available in a variety of formats through in-house and online collections and through the use of interlibrary loan.

Natural Resources

The Natural Resources Department co-manages the Moffat County Mineral Program, actively engages in Natural Resource issues and policy which impact Moffat County, offers public outreach, and provides background knowledge and council to the Moffat County Commissioners regarding impacts to the County from Federal land management decisions and new legislation. Since Moffat County is 65% owned or managed by State and Federal governments, public land management policy directly impacts the economy, customs, and cultures of Moffat County. The Moffat County Natural Resources Department researches and provides solutions to issues affecting Natural Resource management within Moffat County.

Parks (600 South Ranney Street)

The Parks Department provides recreational facilities for the residents of Moffat County and visitors. Loudy-Simpson Park facilities include a four-field softball complex, ice arena, soccer fields, 8 pit horseshoe area,9-hole Frisbee golf course, community picnic shelters for company picnics, and other events, (2) playgrounds, hiking trails, canoe launch area, and lakefront with handicapped access dock and fishing area. Major events include softball tournaments, hockey tournaments, Whittle the Wood and the Balloon Fest. Regular events include softball and soccer games.
Sherman Youth Camp facilities include a 40' x 60' building with kitchen facilities, a fireplace, and electrical generator, a 14' x 24' 2-person cabin,(5) camp spots with picnic tables, grill/firepit, and water spigot,(4) outhouses, playground, ball field, volleyball and basketball facilities.

Planning Department

The Planning Department provides assistance with applications for major/minor subdivisions, exemptions, conditional use permits, replats, zone variances, zone changes, and road vacations. The Planning Department also provides services for zoning and assigns mailing addresses on State Highways and private roads.

Road and Bridge (822 East 1st Street)

Moffat County Road & Bridge maintains road surfaces, asphalt and gravel, maintains bridges, plows snow on County roads and County facilities, provides manpower and equipment for wildfire and other emergencies, applies dust suppressants, maintains County equipment and vehicles, reconstructs roads, and crushes gravel for maintenance of roads.

Sheriff (800 West 1st Street)

Provides law enforcement to the unincorporated areas of Moffat County. Deputies patrol 4,734 square miles responding to calls for service, investigating crimes against persons and property, serving civil process, organizing command functions for search and rescue and wildland fire and deterring violations of law through proactive patrolling and enforcing applicable state laws and county resolutions.


The Treasurer's office collects and distributes taxes and all other revenue collected by the county departments. The Treasurer's office is the investment officer and banker for the County. The office balances all direct deposits and withdrawals daily and issues a Treasurer's report of all County funds monthly. The office issues Certificates of Taxes due, cancels and balances the County Warrant fund and Payroll checks and conducts the annual Tax Lien Sale. The office also handles the Foreclosure process and the Release of Deeds of Trust. The office maintains a high level of customer service and cooperation with the other County departments.


The Veteran's Service Officer assists residents of the State of Colorado who served honorably in the US Armed Forces or Merchant Marines. This Department also aids surviving spouses, administrators, executors, guardians, conservators or heirs of any veteran or any other person having proper claim, by filing claims for insurance, pensions, disability of compensation, hospitalization, vocational rehabilitation or other benefits that they may be entitled.

Weed & Pest Management


Youth Services Department

Provides immediate intervention services for youth in conflict with family or law enforcement. The primary goal of the YSD is to preserve the family unit and to prevent and/or reduce the juvenile's involvement in the justice system. Services provided include: 24-hour on-call, family mediation program, screening services for juveniles who are being considered for juvenile detention, youth tracking and electronic home monitoring, and refer youth and their families to appropriate agencies. The YSD also houses the Youth Diversion Program, which allows first time offenders to be diverted out of the Juvenile Justice System. Upon successful completion, the youth will not have a juvenile record in the court system.