Office of Emergency Management


Emergency Management Coordinator – Sargent Todd Wheeler

800 W. 1st Street

Craig, CO 81625

Phone: (970)826-2308

Cell: (970)439-8803

Email -

Mission Statement:

  • To enhance the safety of the public and minimize the effects of natural and manmade disasters through coordinated planning and preparedness efforts conducted before, during and after disasters, considering mitigation, response, and recovery issues.
  • To engage all Emergency Response Agencies to ensure a collaborative effort in responding to daily emergencies in the County as well as disaster response.

Programs and Services:

  • Maintain Emergency Operations Plans.
  • Support the current EMS Council framework for exercise planning, development and execution of annual exercises. 
  • Advise local officials on disaster related issues and coordinate with emergency response agencies within and outside Moffat County. 
  • Participate in regional planning within the Northwest All Hazards Region and the Northwest RETAC. 
  • Plan both locally and regionally for terrorism/WMD incidents and stay current with new program mandates.
  • Collaborate with Emergency Response Agencies to ensure a working Mass Casualty Plan is in place. 
  • Manage the Code Red reverse 911 program.
  • Re-engage with appropriate individuals to ensure that the County has a functional LEPC and meets the statutory requirements.
  • Continue to work with State Department of Emergency Management to ensure that the County is compliant with the State's mandates.
  • Respond to emergencies and disasters as requested or deemed appropriate.

Trends and Issues:

As the amount of Homeland Security Grants decreases, the competition for those grant dollars is increasing. The bulk of grant funding will be on a regional basis which will require more collaboration within the region. Attendance at regional meetings will ensure that the County's interests are represented.

For the region to be prepared, each individual county must be prepared. Outside assistance will not be immediate and therefore Moffat County must be prepared to manage a disaster for 42-72 hours before outside assistance will be available. All disasters start and end locally.

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