Friends of the Library

Friends of the Moffat County Libraries

President: Carol Haskins

Meeting Times &, Dates: Every second Tuesday of the month at 4 pm

Annual Membership Fee: $10.00

The Friends of the Library believe our public library is one of this community's greatest assets, and we know that our support is vital to ensure that this valuable educational, cultural, and recreational resource remains strong. Today we carry forward the same spirit that, in 1908, inspired the opening of a reading room in the lobby of the Webb Hotel on the corner of Victory Way and Yampa Avenue. Like those who envisioned our library's growth from that first venture, we are now working to improve what the library provides for each of us in Moffat County.

We invite you to join the Friends of the Library today!

We are...
readers, writers, ranchers, and retirees,
storytellers, secretaries, and stained-glass workers,
teachers and preachers, fund-raisers and fun-raisers,
quilters, crafters, consultants, and campers,
parents, plumbers, professors, and poets,
artists, aerobics instructors, and ambulance drivers,
bookkeepers and businessmen,
nurses and needle workers, golfers and gardeners,
but we need you, too!

The Friends of the Library ongoing book sale is located in the main area of the library.

Your tax-deductible dues and donations help provide books and magazines, signs, shelving, office equipment, and supplies for programs (please make your contribution payable to Friends of the Moffat County Libraries).

Friends of the Library
570 Green Street
Craig CO 81625

Thank you!